Icebreaker 2024 - Results

2024-01-08 13:52:39

I just want to say a massive thank-you from me as Dover Chair and Mathew Hicks Chairman of Herne Bay, to all our technical officials and the army of unqualified parents who covered the myriad of other jobs that needed to be done. With your help we have put on one of the best community events in the district. More than 350 swimmers took part in this year's meet and judging by the smiling faces all seemed to have enjoyed themselves.  Results have been sent to rankings so will appear this week - they are also available on the Icebreaker page which can be found by following the link below.

A parent from another sport, outside swimming, is always amazed at the levels of 'professionalism' we achieve in running these events. I had to remind him that no other childrens’ sports event needs as many adult volunteers to make them a success!

Finally, a big well done to everyone involved for making it such a fantastic weekend.

Kind regards,

Andy Carson (DLGC Chairman)



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