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Squad Swimmers MUST wear the correct Club Kit when attending galas and representing the Club. This can be ordered either from your Swim Club Manager (SCM) account or from the Marketing & Communications Officer at

The Club Kit for Galas and Club Events consists of:
Squad Swimmers:
Club Tee-Shirt - Black, Turquoise and White v-neck poolside Swimzi tee with Dover Life Guard Club on the back.
Initials can be printed on the sleeve at our local approved printer - The Wrong End of Town, London Road, Dover. Email Stace at   Achievements ie. East Invictas, Kents, Regionals, Nationals can also be printed on the back to our specifications at the approved printer. 

The Club will print Club Captains and Vice Captains own Club Tee-Shirt with their titles.
Club Sweatshirt - Swimzi Club branded hoodies or Black hoodies with the same front and back as the tee-shirt. 
Leggings Or Track Suit Bottoms AND/OR Shorts – Swimzi Club branded or any Black bottoms available in sports shops (Please note: shorts must be like longer PE shorts and NOT short shorts or lycra).

Club Swim Cap/Hat – Black, white and turquoise with DOVER and initials of swimmer printed onto the hat (if ordered) or achievements ie. Kents, Regionals etc.
Note - Initialed hat orders will be places each quarter.  An email/notice will go out when orders are being made. Please check your SCM account for details. Kent, Regional, Nationals and World Championships Hats will be awarded to swimmers who qualify to swim  are selected for the Relay Team.
Support Team/Helpers/Teachers/Coaches: 
Club Tee-Shirts – Black, Turquoise and White v-neck Swimzi Poolside Tee. 
Club Sweatshirt  - AS ABOVE 



Email us for more information about the Club or how to come for a trial -

For details of Membership please email -

For enquiries relating to joining our squad contact our Head Coach email -




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