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Return to the Pool Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)


1) When will I know the date we are going to return and the sessions that my swimmer will swim?

Over the next few weeks we are hoping to hear from the Government the date that we will be able to return, in the meantime we are completing risk assessments and  working with the pool to ensure a safe return.

Once we have got all responses back from swimmers, the team will be working to put children into suitable ‘bubbles’, based on ability, the information that you submitted and the availability that we have. As soon as we have this information, we will send you an email detailing the sessions and times.


2) What happens if I do not want to return just yet but want to in the future

If you have indicated this on the form you submitted then we will contact you again in the coming months, or you can contact us when you feel ready to return.  We understand that not everyone will want to return immediately due to the ongoing pandemic, however we will hold a place for you for the future.
3) I am not part of the squad currently, but I want to return?   
Unfortunately, we have to make a stepped approach to our return and follow the guidelines that have been set out. We know that people are really eager to come back to swimming and we really want everyone back too! We will continue to communicate updates whilst we are planning the staged return.


4) My swimmer wants to swim more hours, can they?
To start with swimmers will be allocated times to swim based on the return you sent. The swimmers have been out of the pool for a number of months and we need to ease them back into training, and also ensure that we maintain the pool and swimming guidelines. Once we have settled in a little, we will be reviewing the hours and allocations and will communicate changes or additional availability. John and Carolyn will be advising on the training plans.
5) Can I come to the pool and swim on my own if I am not yet invited to sessions?
Places leisure will provide guidance on leisure swimming and will have a risk assessment and booking process in place.
6) What happens if my child is unwell?
If your child is unwell then they should not swim, they should not come to the pool for their session and you should advise the head coach. If a child becomes unwell at the pool, then there will be a covid workforce representative on every session and they will advise you one what you need to do.
If a child is suspected of having Covid we will close the ‘bubble’ that they swim in down, the child will be required to be tested and then if the test is negative the bubble can resume training, if the test is positive then the bubble will need to self-isolate for the 14 days that is guided by the Government.


For further guidance regarding returning to swimming please click here to find documents posted by Swim England.  


Covid-19 Return to Pool Plan - Please click here for our FAQs.


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