Pre Development and Development Group

Usually swimmers enter the Pre-Development Group and Development Squad having completed up to Stage 8 of the Learn to Swim Programme and have maybe competed at our Minnows, Junior White Cliffs or the Dover Schools Galas, often having won medals or shown great potential for Competitive Swimming.

Swimmers will firstly begin in the Pre-Development Group (Small Training Pool), moving up to the Development Group (Small Training Pool) and then onto the Development Squad (Big Main Pool).

Monday and Wednesday Morning (Training Pool) Pre Development Group

Your child can expect to be in this group for typically one year before moving on to Tuesday and Thursday morning (Training pool) Development Group. There will always be exceptions to this rule and the final decision is made by the Head coach. This group ideally caters for new swimmers, aged 9 years and under, who are aiming to compete in Development Galas and progress onwards. The training focuses on improving technique in all four strokes.

With ongoing assessment by the coaches, the children will typically 'move up' when they meet the assessment criteria for this group, are deemed age ready and would fit in with the Tuesday and Thursday group (swimming competence). They will also need to show a good attitude to training both in terms of effort and behaviour.

Tuesday and Thursday Morning Development (Training and Main Pool) Group
Typically your child will also be in the small training pool for up to one year again depending on age and competence, however our aim is for them to have left this pool and be swimming in the big main pool well before their 12th birthday.
Swimmers reaching 12 years or 12 year olds coming from outside the Club will be given a Main Pool Development Squad trial to determine whether a squad place is suitable and available to them.
In this group, technique work is still fundamental, with the addition of stamina work and main pool experience.  They will begin to develop the skills for 'starts' and 'turns', including shallow end diving in order for them to complete the Swim England Competitive Starts Awards to enable them to use 'diving' starts at Development Galas and beyond.



It is at the coaches discretion when any movement takes place and is carried out in consultation with the Head coach.  Please be reassured that no child is ever held back or overlooked and all decisions are made taking into account each individual's welfare and best interest. We have many years experience of dealing with this process and would urge you to trust this process and not to be in a great hurry to bypass this most important stage of their swimming development. 


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All swimmers/parents please check this area on a regular basis or facebook for latest messages or live results of galas. 

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